Flour and Semolina

Ideal location in the center of the Baltic's, with one of the most fertile growing regions for quality soft wheat in Europe. 100% local grain purchased directly from farmers. Careful selection and auditing of suppliers. Sorting of batches into quality groups in accordance with variety and quality parameters. Custom made recipes. We are operating a modern, powerful durum wheat mill which providing itself with the main pasta ingredient, durum semolina. It uses superior quality durum wheat. Modern milling technologies enable it to offer wide range of durum semolina to customers.
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Advanced production lines with great performance, delivering a total production capacity of over 150 t per 24 h. Pasta available with different recipes and many different shapes including long cut and short cut pasta.
Manufacturing uses green energy.
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Cereals flakes

The flakes production plant offers production of rolled and cut cereals flakes of various thickness in accordance with the client’s demand as well as organic cereals products are available. To ensure that the raw materials that we use into our production are of high quality we source the main part of grain purchase within a 80 km radius from our plant. 70-80% of grains are contracted farming with local farms.
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